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  1. Offering my Photography services!

    For make up, unlimited frames and photo processed photographs, I’m charging RM300 ONLY.

    Would you like to take me up on the offer? Photos will be used on Tumblr and you will get to keep ALL the photos you want.

    For the kind of photographs I will take, please refer to the rest of my Tumblr pages.

    What do you say, guys? Please contact me at annatasha.s@gmail.com or Facebook inbox me at Annatasha Saifol.

    Thanks! And lots of love!

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    2. beastlysaints answered: Hi, will your offer still stand after pmr, which is october?
    3. dinidinidini answered: I’d so do it again and again and again!
    4. ttatertots answered: I’m very much interested.I love your work, its amazing. But I’m a bit camera shy :(
    5. luminous-glaze answered: any services where you’re the model? :D
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    7. ayarosaila answered: im interested. hehe
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